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If the customer has the desire to get the translation in exactly the same shape and form as the original text that he submitted, i.e. including pictures, schemes and drawings that occur in the original material, then we also offer our layout service.

Layout means the placement of text and graphics and their formatting on the computer. In most cases our customers have the layout done for operating instructions, info leaflets, user manuals etc. An according software program is used for doing the layout.

Overview of layout software programs on Wikipedia.

The original material is submitted to us on paper or electronically, e.g. as a PDF file.
We do simple layouts – for example instructions to be distributed among the employees, user guides or instructions to consumers.

Text design

We do the design for your translation exactly in the way that is convenient for you – we do the scanning of illustrations, graphics and drawings and place them into the translated text. We use the majority of the most common text design programs.
The output file is either a PDF file or a design file or, upon according agreement, we will arrange for the printing of your translation material so that you may receive your user manuals, catalogues or other promotional material from us already in printed form.