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Full service: from translation to printed matter – all from one place.


In order to receive high quality printed matter and to make your own work easier, you may order our full service from translation to ready printed matter.
The prepress work comprises the scanning of photos, processing on the computer as well as reproduction work. All these jobs are highly relevant and require much precision. If, for example, in a ready printed matter there occur to be low quality pictures or drawings, then this is often due to errors made during the prepress work or due to carelessness, and once the printing process has started, it often is almost impossible to get these errors corrected, after all.
With us, the layout file is checked during the prepress work and the necessary corrections and additions are made then. The prepress work also requires the knowledge of print-related technical requirements and precision. The layout file must have a quality suitable for printing (resolution of pictures, colour system suitable for printing – CMYK etc.) and it must be in accordance to the particular printed matter (size of pages, bleed etc.).