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For a translation order to be processed, Premium Translation Agency first needs clarity on the following questions:

–  which target group the translation is intended for (common reader, specialist etc.)
–  where (in which agency or state office) the translation shall be used
–  whether the translation shall later be passed on for design and printing to be done as well
–  whether any kind of auxiliary materials are available (previous translations, compendia of terminology etc.)

In addition to the consideration of the specifics of the material to be translated and the particular field involved, it is also the consideration of the abovementioned questions that forms the basis for a high quality result.
A common translation may be understood without ambiguity involved; it is correct in terms of language and grammar and does not contain much of any specific terminology.

Subject-specific translation is applied for the translation of texts from a narrow and more specific field of specialty. These kind of texts contain a considerable amount of specific terminology (for example technical, medical or legal texts, materials on specialty instructions and training, promotional texts, websites etc.).
A specialty text translator must know the particular field of specialty very well and, if needed, the translation will be edited by a specialty expert.
Orders which are related to specialty translations are divided into several different subject areas at Premium Translation Agency. The areas which have been translated most are:

–  machines and equipment
–  management
–  legal matters and law
–  building and development
–  the medical field
–  electronics
–  IT equipment and systems

Informative translations convey the most essential content to the extent needed by the customer. An informative translation could be for example a paper that provides a summary of a longer text.
Translations are usually divided up in numerous different ways, however, regardless of their particular area and their specifics, there is one single aspect that is common to all – a translation must reflect the idea and the content of the original text in the most truthful and logical way.
A good translator is more of an expert in the target language of the translation, for language-related nuances, shades etc. are of great importance in the conveyance of the idea provided in the original text. If needed, the translation will be edited by yet another translator, so that, from an objective viewpoint, any possible faux pas and blunders may be corrected.
The price for a translation depends on the language combination, the specifics of the text, the deadline and its scope.
With regards to a translation, you may leave it with confidence to us to arrange for the text design and, if needed, also the printing, for we use well-experienced and proven cooperation partners who will do these jobs to your best satisfaction.